Yanoshi Tourism Information Office

The opening of the Yanoshi Tourist Information Centre and the Treasures of Beregvidek souvenir shop was on the 9th of October, 2010.

The services of the Yanoshi Tourist Information Centre

  • providing information about the tourism facilities in Zakarpattya region

  • traditional local jams, syrups, dried fruits, different spices, bee products, mineral waters
  • sale of local souvenirs: products: paintings,  bulrush, straw, husk products, homespuns of Bereg, carvings, ceramics, cross stitch embroideries, candles, magnets, etc.
  • sale of guide books, maps, postcards
  • internet
  • copying

Berehovo district, Yanoshi, Holovna street 115
Mob. +38 (095) 57 36 390
E-mail: janosi.tourinfo@gmail.com