interreg_logoIn July 2006, realization of the new project titled “Building up of the regional Tourist Information Centre in Zakarpatska oblast” within the TACIS Cross-Border-Cooperation Programme started.

The main Project’s task is to assist in solving the problem of absence of local and regional multifunctional centres of informing about the tourism services available in the region, and as the result insufficient level of informational support of tourism entities in the region as well as the local and international tourists. Continue reading

New Tourism Information Centre established in Zakarpattya

UMTI logoIn July 2006, implementation of the new project in the framework of Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine Neighbourhood Program INTERREG IIIA/TACIS titled “Building up of regional Tourism information centre in Zakarpatska oblast” started.

The Project is implemented by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre in partnership with the Main Department of European Integration, External Economic Affairs and Tourism and Hungarian partners from Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Region. Official opening of the new regional Tourism Information Centre in Berehovo town will take place in the end of October. The overall objective of the Project is to increase the level of tourism development in the region as one of the most promissing economic branches of Zakarpatska oblast. Continue reading

“Village tourism development in Upper-Tisza region” project with the hungarian fund EuroClip support (2005)

Konferencia 2005From January till May 2005 the Ukrainian-Hungarian regional development Centre together with the Hungarian village and agrotourism association and with the hungarian fund EuroClip assistance implements common cross-border project on village tourism development in Zakarpattya county.

The main objective of the project is to initiate the village tourism complex informational assistance system creation in Upper-Tisza region. This informational system is to promote village touristic services available in the target region and to attract foreign tourists to Ukraine. By this way an essential resource potential could be involved into one of the main economic spheres development. Continue reading


TacisIn 2003 Zakarpattya County Council together with Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Regional Development Council (Hungary) initiated a TACIS CBC SPF project “Cooperation Bridge 2003″.

Hungarian accession to European Union has brought the threats for Ukrainian and Hungarian cross-border regions which can be withdrawn only by means of institutional development, experience exchange and cross-border cooperation development. Therefore, social, economic, cultural and even geographic proximity of the two regions made it possible to initiate such an important cross-border project.

The main objective of the project was to integrate the cross border regions of Ukraine and Hungary in geographical, social, economic and cultural sense, and to solve common development problems. Continue reading