New Tourism Information Centre established in Zakarpattya

UMTI logoIn July 2006, implementation of the new project in the framework of Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine Neighbourhood Program INTERREG IIIA/TACIS titled “Building up of regional Tourism information centre in Zakarpatska oblast” started.

The Project is implemented by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre in partnership with the Main Department of European Integration, External Economic Affairs and Tourism and Hungarian partners from Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Region. Official opening of the new regional Tourism Information Centre in Berehovo town will take place in the end of October. The overall objective of the Project is to increase the level of tourism development in the region as one of the most promissing economic branches of Zakarpatska oblast.

The main Project’s task is to assist in solving the problem of absence of local and regional multifunctional centres of informing about the tourism services available in the region, and as the result insufficient level of informational support of tourism entities in the region as well as the local and international tourists. The solution of the mentioned problems is to promote the sustainable social and economic development of Zakarpatska oblast as one of the most perspective recreation regions of Ukraine.

The project includes such activities as the tourism data base compilation and support, publication of tourism materials, tourism guide-book and tourism map, allocation of the materials on the web-page of the TIC ( There also will be held study seminars and workshops for the tourism experts.

Tourism Information Centre will emphasize its activities on harmonization and tightening of co-operation between the tourism information centres both in Ukraine and in Hungary, organization of tourism festivals and exhibitions, provision of the target groups with information about tourism services and resources available both in Zakarpatska oblast and in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg megye.

Within the Project’s implementation the new office room in Berehovo town is being prepared for the TIC, the project has been presented on the “Tour-Euro-Center Zakarpattya 2006″ tourism exhibition. Holovach Eva, Manager of the TIC, has recently attended study course in Nyiregyhaza and Vasarosnameny cities (Hungary), which allow to involve Hungarian experience into the project implementation.

Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre has also co-organized “Good Neighbourhood Day between Ukraine and Hungary” festival, which had taken place in Yanoshi village (Berehovo district). The activity helped to tighten the partnership network between the two countries.

The new Project will significantly develop the system of regional informational support of the tourism. The target groups will get the permanent access to the tourism data base of the region which will help them to better organize their work and establish strong partnership links.

We hope the Project will increase the quality level of tourism services provided in the region and help to use the resources and tourism development possibilities more efficiently, as far the tourism is one of the most perspective economic branches in this border region.