interreg_logoIn July 2006, realization of the new project titled “Building up of the regional Tourist Information Centre in Zakarpatska oblast” within the TACIS Cross-Border-Cooperation Programme started.

The main Project’s task is to assist in solving the problem of absence of local and regional multifunctional centres of informing about the tourism services available in the region, and as the result insufficient level of informational support of tourism entities in the region as well as the local and international tourists.

The overall objective of the Project is to increase the level of tourism development in the region as one of the most promissing economic branches of Zakarpatska oblast.  The specific objecnives of the project are the following:

  • to establish Regional Tourist Information Centre in Berehovo town of Zakarpatska oblast;
  • to compile and permanently renew the database of tourism services available and tourism entities operating in the border region;
  • elaboration of the web-site;
  • to increase the quality level of touristic services provided in the region by means of a series of study seminars and workshops for the tourism managers (both ukrainian and hungarian);
  • to harmonize and tighten co-operation between the tourism information centres both in Ukraine and in Hungary;
  • publication and dissemination of informational materials, guide books, maps etc.;

The Project’s target groups are local and foreign tourism entities, as well as the tourists and investors. Implementation period of the project is 12 monthes.