Crafts street and fair on the BeregFest

bereg1The Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre and the Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County Village Tourist Association have started the project titled „Promotion of folk-arts and handicrafts in Carpathian Euroregion HUSKROUA/1101/163” in August 2013. Its implementation is supported by the European Union within the Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine Romania in 2007-2013 ENPI program.

The partner organizations organized a folk-arts and handicrafts fair as part of the 50th anniversary of the annual cross-border festival “Bereg Fest” as the opening event of the project. More than forty craftsmen took part on the fair from Transcarpathian and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The visitors could try out to throw on a potter’s wheel, to make a barrel, to stitch beads, to shoot arrows, to weave, they could taste honeycake and see the creations of the vegetable and fruit sculpture, as well the leather goods maker.

The following Transcarpathian craftsmen participated on the fair: Endre Hidi and Tünde Dancs ceramists, Miklós Győry wood carver, Gizella Orosz weaver, Vladimir Petrusinec leather goods maker, Dmitro Stoljarov glass blower, Oleksandr Dvorak ceramist, Árpád lászló barrel maker, Krivanisch Anatolij master blacksmith.


The Hungarian side was represented by Ferenc Varga master blacksmith, János Kígyósi and Pál Tatai vegetable and fruit sculptures, László Czegle glass blower, Bertalanné Sugta weaver, Miklósné Kőrösi and Gyuláné Balku folk gastronomy masters. The Nimble Fingers Club led by Mária Sütő from Chop offered a lot of programs for children.

Thousands of guests visited the fair, who were very grateful to the organizers for the high-standard event. The main objective of the craft fair was to present folk traditions for young people, to promote the local products and to help the craftsmen to meet each other. The participants of the fair were given a diploma from the organizers.

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