Україна-ПольщаUkrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre initiates the fourth training session for the representatives of NGOs and local self-governments, with the participation of the Polish experts. This event is organized in the framework of the ”Visegrad Civil Bridge to Ukraine” project, inplemented with the financial assistance of the International Visegrad Fund.

Topic of the training session:   Finding, managing and motivating of volunteers

Time and venue:  17-21 November 2015, Beregovo, Shevchenko str.3

Volunteer activity is an instrument to support, take care of and help those in real need; it’s a cooperation possibility between people for joint elaboration of decisions and resolving the problems. Volunteering has long traditions in Europe, and namely in Poland. This is what our Polish colleagues are going to speak about at the fourth workshop.

Deadline for registration: 17 November 2015. You can register here!

The project provides free of charge participation for 15 persons.

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