Regional cooperation in V4EaP countries: experience exchange and best practices

Thlogoe project will be implemented in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and in the V4 countries from 1 March 2013 to 1 March 2014.

Applicant:  Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre


The project is supported by the Visegrad Fund.

Aim of the project:

Experience exchange between the Visegrad countries and Ukraine, human resource development in the field of project management in accordance with the European standards. Developing the professional capacities of NGOs and increase the involvement of them. Strengthening EU related knowledge especially in those areas which concerns the NGOs. Aiming attention to the importance of cross-bordet projects and developments supported by the EU/Visegrad Fund with presenting „guest projects” on the practical part of the training.

The project is aimed at the solving of the following problems:

•The lack of qualified project development and management experts in Transcarpathia

•During the previous similar trainings, the practical part of it has not received adequate attention

•The project-level cooperation is not developed, the partnership cooperations are weak regarding the V4 countries and Transcarpathia.

Specific objective and activities:

Project development and management training in Transcarpathia – theoretical training

•Website design with a common datebase in 3  languages

•Practical training – Pratner search forums in the V4 countries – best practices. Study tours to Kosice, Praga, Miskolc.

•Involvement of the civil society in the common work in the border region of the V4 countries and Ukraine