Good Neighbourhood Day in Yanoshi village

Janosi 2006On 22 September 2006 a Good Neighbourhood Day between Ukraine and Hungary was held in Yanoshi village (Berehovo district) in the frame of which XVII Regional Hungarian Folk Festival was organized. Here for some 10 km from the ukrainian-hungarian border came a lot of hungarian guests.

The holiday was initiated by Zakarpatska Regional State Administration and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Regional Council. The lead ukrainian organizer was the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre. A number of meetings between the local/regional authorities, business organizations, NGOs, national and cultural unions took place during the holiday. The participants have had the opportunity to discuss the present state of cross-border co-operation and new spheres of co-operation.The activity brought great attention of the local people, all the districts presented their locality on the festival.

The holiday was officially opened by the regional officials. Mr. Mykhailo Kichkovsky, Head of Zakarpatska Regional Council, welcomed the representatives of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Region in Zakarpattya. Mr. Szilagyi Denes, Deputy Head of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Regional Council, noted that holding of joint festivals like that one is very important for the strengthening of cross-border co-operation. Mr. Laslo Brenzovych, Deputy Head of Zakarpatska Regional Council, and Mr. Dmytro Tkach, Ukrainian Ambassador to Hungary, both noted the importance of certain cross-border activities.

Economic and investments potential of Zakarpattya as well as its cultural peculiarities have been presented during the exhibition held within the festival. Each district has made its presentation using flowers, fruits, folk objects, which diversity made a deep impression on the participants.

A new Tourism Information Centre, which has recently been established in Berehovo town in the frame of Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine Neighbourhood Programme’s “Building up of regional tourism information centre in Zakarpatska oblast” project, was also presented during the festival.

The festival also included a competition for the best national dish. Ukrainain and Hungarian folk groups of Zakarpattya made a special concert program for the visitors.

The street ball and “Miss Berehivschina” contest were the pinnacle of this unique regional festival – Good Neighbourhood Day.