Folk Artists, craftsmen, traditionalists

KatalogWhat we can do with a publication containing 140 Transcarpathian and 25 folk artists and craftsmen from the neighbouring Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county? If we look at the practical side, the catalog – where the address and contact for each person is stated – can help the organizers of various events to find easily and quickly the required craftsman.

It will be easier for those, who would like to buy gifts, decorative or household items from craftsmen. Needless to say, it is good for those resellers, who are interested in the same theme, but mostly the wide variety of those, who insist on unique items made by folk artists and craftsmen.

We would like to draw the public’s attention to craft traditions of Transcarpathia and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county  - said József Tarpai, the head of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre  at the presentation of the trilingual publication  (Ukranian, Hungarian, English). Continue reading

Transcarpathian craftsmen participated at the 13th Szenkeparti Fair

PenyigeThe 13th Szenkeparti Fair was held at Sunday in Penyige, which was visited by a number of participants and visitors, as well 15 Transcarpathian craftsmen within the project titled „Promotion of folk-arts and handicrafts in Carpathian Euroregion HUSKROUA/1101/163”.

The main objective of the project implemented by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre and the Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County Village Tourism Association is to return to the values of local folk-arts,  and to increase their role as an important part of life in the region. Continue reading

„Regional cooperation in V4EaP countries: experience exchange and best practices”

VF_EPP_logo_1On 17 February 2014 a final conference of the international project “Regional cooperation in V4EaP countries: experience exchange and best practices” will take place in the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod.

The project is implemented by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre with financial assistance of the International Visegrad Fund within the Eastern Partnership Program.

The main goal of the project was to train local NGOs of Transcarpathian region how to prepare, manage and implement different projects in the region. The training course has been held April 2013 through January 2014 at the premises of Beregovo tourist information centre.

The purpose of the final conference is to present the project results on the territory of Transcarpathian region and the Visegrad countries. As part of the conference a ceremony of presenting the Certificates to the trainees will take place, after which they will present the projects elaborated during the training course.


Regional cooperation in V4EaP countries: experience exchange and best practices – Study tour to Miskolc

Miskolc 1The last stop of the study tours organized within the project titled „Regional cooperation in V4EaP countries: experience exchange and best practices” was in Miskolc and its surroundings, where the participants travelled on 24-26th January 2014, and where they made themselves familiar with the activities of the successfully operating NGOs.

Zoltán Palik, the head of the Nyilas Misi Foundation – Civil Information Centre welcomed first the Transcarpathian guests. He talked about their organization, whose duties include the legal consultation, network development, providing support to tender writing, but they organize baby-mother club and also operate a dance house. Continue reading